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She enquired whether her brand had been recalled. There has been a notice of recall of atorvastatin, but only from that manufactured by Ranbaxy, an Indian manufacturer. The brands of Atorvastatin available in Barbados through normal channels are either the originator brand, Lipitor or various generic brands. The Ranbaxy brand is not in Barbados, so the recall does not affect us.

I heard Dennis Johnson give a spirited response to the concerns expressed by listeners to his call in programme, by stressing the importance of developing a proper relationship with your pharmacist. A relationship built on trust and respect, that affords you the patient the ability to ask questions and get updates on this type of recall. Thank you Dennis!

* A 15-year Swedish study has suggested that one sugary soft drink a day could raise a man’s odds of developing prostate cancer. Obviously or hopefully there have to other factors that would influence the development of prostate cancer, too much sugar in our diet could lead to issues.

* Researchers have found that doing more exercise could help people with high cholesterol as much, or more than drugs. However, it was found that combining statins with keeping fit could improve survival rates.

Whilst many experts wish that everyone over 50 years old, be offered statins in order to maintain cholesterol levels, a 10-year study of 10,000 US veterans, conducted by Professor Peter Kokkinos at the Veterans Affairs Medical Centre in Washington DC found exercise to be very effective.

* Pedro Hallel, of the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil and I-Min Lee of Harvard Medical School, also writing in the Lancet, said that prescribing physical activity should be put on par with drug prescribing.

* A toxicology expert says he is shocked to see firms in the supplements trade developing products containing extracts from the tropical fruit graviola (also known as sour sop or annona muricata) given its association with atypical Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Alex Schauss, a senior research director at AIBMR Life Sciences contacted Nutraingredients – USA, after seeing new ads for dietary supplements containing extracts from the fruits and leaves of the sour sop, which he says contain a neurotoxin called annonacin. Schauss stressed that all data indicate that chronic use of the sour sop can be risky.

Worryingly, there is documented evidence that societies that consume high quantities of this fruit or classes of the graviola suggest a close relationship between atypical Parkinsonism and regular consumption, either through concoctions, diffusions or the fruit. Examples of these countries are Guam, New Guinea and Guadeloupe.

This is food for thought — pun intended. More information can be found at this link —

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