Breadfruit Roll with Fish Filling


1 large breadfruit

1 beaten egg

1/2  teaspoon salt

Water for steaming/ boiling


1lb. Cooked flaked fish

1 large onion

2 blades chive

1 celery stick (blade)

1 red & 1 green sweet pepper

Salt & pepper to taste

2 tbs. flour

1 tbs. Margarine

cup milk


Cook and crush breadfruit. Add beaten egg. Make into ball as pastry.

Method for Filling: Melt margarine in pan, add chopped seasonings. Saut? for two minutes. Stir in flour, add milk and cook until smooth. Add fish, adjust the flavor, and allow to cool.

Roll out pastry 16 x 16 on waxpaper. Spread on filling, reserving 1 inch at each side. Roll using the waxpaper as protection. Place on greased cookie sheet and brush with beaten egg. Bake until brown. Slice and serve. (

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