A new Barbados

Although this year does not mark a milestone anniversary of our Independence there’s a sense, to me at least, that it’s a very important year in the life of our nation. In fact, this is a very important era for us.

There’s a sense that we have to do something different; we have to do something now and before our 50th anniversary catches us in this same position. We need to create a new Barbados.

What does a new Barbados like look? I suppose it’s different things to different people, depending on where you stand. I want to use this opportunity on the eve of our 46th anniversary to share what a new Barbados would look like to me.

A new Barbados would be where the Barbados Water Authority does not threaten to disconnect a service that’s just one month in arrears and the amount outstanding is $60 odd and yet take 76 hours to respond to a call to fix a burst pipe gushing thousands of gallons of water and wasting a lot of money.

It would be one where the BWA men would turn up to fix the same burst pipe first thing in the morning rather than at six o’clock in the evening in order to get overtime.

A new Barbados would be where we can afford to buy land and houses at reasonable prices again.

A new Barbados would be where you don’t have to queue for ridiculous amounts of time to deal with cable television issues while cashiers in the same area sit idle since their job is only to take cash! (I’m in one such queue as I write this article).

A new Barbados would be where things that need to get done are dealt with throughout the term of the Government and not only when elections are pending.

A new Barbados would be where we don’t have this system of Government that divides those seeking election to govern the nation into two (or more) parties so that we never get the best of both.

A new Barbados would be where we elect those people who have proven, by their track record and their merits, that they have the wisdom to govern and in their field of expertise rather than those who can persuade the populace to vote for them with fine sounding words.

A new Barbados would be where there is less talk and more action so that we see real progress in the nation.

A new Barbados would be where we have access to free Wi-Fi from rum shop to bus stop and everywhere else in between.

A new Barbados would be where we recognise that in the same way we exported knowledge and systems that worked to South Carolina in the 1700s leaving a legacy that exists there even today, we have that same ability to export our knowledge to the rest of the world today.

A new Barbados would be where even a maid can use her knowledge to create products that can earn income for her and foreign exchange for the country and that each of us would recognise that we too have the potential to earn foreign exchange for our nation.

A new Barbados would be where we give as much attention (or even more) to the spiritual decline of our nation as to the economic decline and that we work together to build up both the economic and spiritual walls again.

A new Barbados would be where together we agree on what we want our nation to look like on November 30, 2016, the date of our 50th anniversary of Independence and we all work towards achieving that vision so that when we wake up on that morning, we can hold up our heads among the nations of the world because Barbados has once again become the strong, prosperous and Godly nation it once was.

* Donna Every is a motivational speaker, business coach and the author of the books What do you have in your house?, The Promise Keeper, Arise and Shine and now the recently published novel, The Merger Mogul. She has a degree in Mathematics, is a Chartered Accountant and has an MBA. She is the Project Manager for the Education and Talent Development Pillar of the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Web site: www.donnaevery.com See also www.themergermogul.com

E-mail: donnaevery@sunbeach.net

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