Pleasing the public

by Latoya Burnham

Several of the events on the Crop-Over calendar that have nothing to do with calypso music are actually growing and forcing organisers to make some changes.

Pan, folk music and the newest addition from last year, the Heritage Tour, are all growing events, says PR consultant with the Festival, Margaret Allman-Goddard.

As a result, plans are already on to accommodate the numbers expected for these events for 2013.

At the Crop-Over Breakfast Show on Monday to announce changes and plans for 2013, it was disclosed that Pan In De City would be moving from Bridgetown to Speightstown – on a boat, literally.

A cruise element was added to that event and will allow VIP patrons to sail from the City north, with a pan group, for the event which will take place in St. Peter.

Pan Pun De Sand, the PR rep told Barbados TODAY, would remain the same, but they were looking to see how they could also incorporate an “on the water” element to this.

“One of the things we have been trying to do for the last couple of years but it hasn’t quite worked out, I don’t know if they will get it worked out this year, is to have people, private boats, to come and enjoy the pan off the water,” Allman-Goddard said, adding “Pan on a whole is growing.”

As for Pan Fusion, the event that combines pan with several other musical genres including calypso, Allman-Goddard acknowledged that there was potential to grow that event even bigger than last year.

“We work with the BTA [Barbados Tourism Authority]. We now have to sit with the BTA and work out the 2013 programme. There is a name we are working with to come in for Pan Fusion and I’m not going to say so don’t even ask me because the producer is working on that and until she gets a yes… but there is a name that we are working on that will draw even more people.”

She praised the innovation of pan organiser, Karen Pestaina, noting that she had lots of good ideas for Pan Fusion.

“So when they come together and put that with the BTA, which is the international marketing arm and they will be able to market Pan Fusion to whomever and hopefully bring in people, but there is room to grow that.”

The folk concert, which was so large last year that they had to turn people away from the Queens Park Steel Shed has moved venues for next year and will now be held at the Frank Collymore Hall on July 26, the Day of National Significance.

Allman-Goddard noted that the Steel Shed could accommodate 300, while Frank Collymore Hall held just under 500.

“[S]o then there is room to move it and then there is room for another night if it comes to that. So basically that is where folk concert is going but that has grown too and it can’t fit in the Queens Park Steel Shed anymore.”

The Heritage Tour, Bridgetown By Night drew a phenomenal response last year and patrons were even asking if it would be extended as relatives who were coming in later in the festival wanted to attend.

Allman-Goddard said: “Right now the plan is for three staggered tours actually timed. So people will register for the timed tour that they want and it will be set up with three tour guides and three groups to go with each. It is still relatively early.”

But she added: “There was talk about doing it later; I don’t know if they will be able to do it. As you can appreciate because of the type of tour it is, it has a cost. It ain’t like just going and walk bout Town. There is a cost, so if they can find money to do it because there was talk of doing it twice last time.

“Right now it is as early as June 9. We would have to think about it early to see if we can do that and then put it in the calendar for later on. I honestly can’t say whether it will come later but there was a demand for it.”

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