More flooding

Dahlia Symester gets help as she crosses a blocked road in Bybrook.

KINGSTON — The parish of Portland, which is just beginning to recover from last month’s onslaught by Hurricane Sandy was on Monday hit by flooding again, following heavy rains which started Sunday.

Three houses in Bybrook and one in Lamy took a heavy beating from the raging flood waters, while a car with five persons aboard was washed away by the angry waters of the Swift River. They all escaped serious injury.

James Edwards said he lost everything when the water swept the house off its foundation at Bybrook.

“When I got up off the bed and put mi foot a ground a pure water mi feel. When a come out fi come in back I find the house a come with me and mi have fi run out back. Nothing no save,” said Edwards.

“I was here watching an African movie and the light went, the rain continued and then the water and mud just start running through the house like a river. I had to run out as the water got higher,” said Novlette Campbell, another resident of Bybrook.

Fitzroy Robinson, also of Bybrook, said: “I was here and the water and mud started to come in. I went and called for help and we packed up the beds in this room and blocked the door so no more water could come in and I left.”

Dahlia Symester, also a resident of Bybrook, said water surrounded her home and no one could get out. “The last time we had flooding like this was in 2001 when the community was badly hit. Luckily no lives were lost,” said Symester. She asked persons who could help her neighbour James Edwards to do so as he lost everything. (Observer)

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