Giving thanks for freedom

In a matter of days, our beautiful island of Barbados will be celebrating 46 years of Independence. What an accomplishment!!!

On that day many of us will be heading to many popular picnic spots, to the beach or just relaxing at home with family and friends.

Many Barbadians on this day or during the week leading up to Independence wear our national colors to work each day. To me this is a wonderful sight to behold. Seeing our national colours displayed through the streets of Barbados makes me feel proud to be a Barbadian. On this day regardless of where we are or what we do, we must take a moment and give thanks to our forefathers who fought for our Independence.

To me being an independent nation means being free from England, our former rulers and being free to make our own decisions on our laws, who will rule us and equal rights for all. For some, Independence is just another day away from work or school. Independence means different things to different people. Our nation of Barbados has come very far in our infrastructure, our government policies and most of all in our thinking.

We must always give thanks for this island we call home. We have been blessed not to have a major natural disaster on our hands in many years. We are still a work in progress but we still remain a force to be reckoned with. We have produced many stars from cricket legend Sir Garfield Sobers to international superstar Rihanna who along with many others have placed this little island of Barbados on the world’s map and made us a household name around the world. Even in some movies that I watch when the name Barbados is mentioned it brings a smile to my face.

Some of us do not appreciate what we have here until we go overseas and see the many hardships that others face. Things might be really hard in Barbados but we are still surviving. Some countries do not even have fresh water to drink and we do. We do not have to live in fear that when we leave our homes a bomb may detonate like other countries around the world.

We have free education; our children have the opportunity to ride free on our buses along with our senior citizens. We have the right to vote for whom we believe is the right person to lead us.

Even though some things that we do here I will never understand, I will still never want to live anywhere else. I am counting down the days to my grandmother’s conkies, which are the best I’ve ever tasted. I am being thankful for my island home. So wear your Barbadian colours with pride this Independence Day as we have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Independence Barbados!! Blue, Yellow and Black put it up!!!!

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