Digicel gives back to five charities

Commercial Director at Digicel Barbados Alex Tasker (third left) with representatives from the charities.

This Independence season is expected to be bigger and better for five local not-for-profit organisations and the hundreds of people to whom they cater.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, telecommunications service provider, Digicel, has made a “significant” contribution to The Salvation Army, Spectrum of Possibilities, Hope Foundation, the Heart & Stroke Foundation and The Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society.

The presentations were made this afternoon at the Savannah Hotel in Hastings, Christ Church.

Commercial Director at Digicel Barbados, Alex Tasker, said today’s donation was another example of the company’s commitment to helping those who needed it most and further encouraged corporate Barbados as well as the public, in general, to look at ways in which they too could assist these organisations, either financially or by donating of their time.

“Organisations such as those represented here do an excellent job in trying to facilitate the wishes of these individuals, utilising the very limited resources they possess …†and for that Digicel wishes to applaud and recognise them,” he said.

“We are also aware that there are a number of organisations which have played pivotal roles in Barbados’ development over the years, particularly those not-for-profit groups which work tirelessly with the slimmest of budgets to execute their various humanitarian efforts. Many of these groups focus heavily on the underprivileged, disadvantaged, physically and mentally challenged, homeless, and disease stricken persons in the society, who we at Digicel believe should never go unassisted.

“Their lives are already tough, through no fault of their own in most instances, and are simply looking for the slightest measure of assistance to make their existence that much more comfortable and enjoyable, something which many of us take for granted. Today, Digicel wishes to express, publicly, our support of these organisations, by making a financial contribution to each of those represented here, which we hope will assist them in some way to carry out their mandates.” (KC)

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