Calypso princess

Winner Princess Makeda with her father and writer of her song Andrew Thomas.

by Latoya Burnham

St. Alban’s Primary has its first ever Princess of calypso.

In fact, the top three spots in the inaugural Independence Calypso Competition at the school, went to girls, each of whom had a stage name that included “Princess”.

In celebration of the island’s birthday, the school hosted its first Independence Calypso Competition, which was won by Class Three student Princess Princess Makeda Thomas. The song, Morality, was the only original entry in the competition of eight competitors, and was written by Princess and her dad, Andrew Blacka Fiah Thomas.

Second place went to Zuri Princess Imani Payne, while third was won by Alanie Mighty Princess Yearwood.

Princess Imani, dressed almost head to toe in the national flag and emblems, rendered Rupee’s I Am A Bajan; and Mighty Princess, dressed in mufti, blue and yellow and waving the Bajan flag, sang Edwin’s Nah Missing Me to claim third.

It was not an easy competition though, and judges Philip 7, Edwin and Kid Site mentioned that students would have to work on mic technique, diction and delivery.

Teacher Keisha Williams, whose brainchild the competition was, said she was overwhelmed with the response of the children because originally it was intended to be a smaller competition.

“We kept getting more and more children coming forward and saying ‘Ma’am I want to sing’. So we ended up with eight entries and I kept crossing my fingers that nerves would not get the better of them because I was worried that come this morning some would drop out,” said Williams, who was assisted in the project by fellow teacher, Bernadeen Perkins-Reid.

Willams said too that they were looking to host it again and work the children up to the point where the competition would include all original material.

“But that is in time to come,” Williams said. “I don’t know if we will host it again next year, but we want to continue.”

Other participants were Keith The Boss Reid, who sang Good Time; Shaquan The Rock Thomas – Foot On Fire; Shamar Star Boy Boyce – We Loose; Jabari Bari Fabulous Gittens-Williams – Once Upon A Wine and Keimar Big Man Marquis-Edwards – Cyan Be Ova

Parents were on hand to cheer on their respective “favourites”, while children in the junior and senior classes stood on the sidelines dancing and singing along with the tunes.

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