Sinckler’s fantasy

Mia Mottley

Schools and polyclinics are not the only things Government has been renaming.

Opposition St. Michael North East MP, Mia Mottley, said Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler was wrongly calling the Barbados economy stable when it was in fact in a state of weakness.

And she is also questioning Government’s move today to move to increase the amount of money it can borrow by $1.5 billion, the third time it has done so since coming to office in 2008.

The former Leader of the Opposition said Sinckler had to be residing in a fantasy world if he actually believed what he was saying about Barbados being in a state of economic stability.

“He (Sinckler) spoke about stability and stability he made the centre piece of his speech. The 16,000 who lost their jobs they don’t know anything about stability other than stability now in smelling hell. The 16,000 don’t understand stability as it relates to the country of their birth,” she said.

“Stability is not a word that any business enterprise in Bridgetown or elsewhere in Barbados can use because they have seen declines in profits, declines in retained earnings and in many instances losses and regrettably in some insolvency and closures.”

The Barbados Labour Party representative said “every possible judgment externally … that has been rendered on the Barbados economy has been one of grave concern — not because we have attained macro economic fundamentals”.

“The Government has an in-built handicap, to use golfing terms, and that in-built handicap can cause it to believe that it is living in Never Never Land, that in-built handicap gives it the right to speak first and the right to speak last, that in-built handicap gives it the right to try and rename everything as it is doing in the country,” Mottley said.

“Every weekend they are renaming something. Now they are trying to rename weakness for stability, they are trying to say that weakness is stability, but I would urge the Member for St. Michael North West … not to be caught up in the renaming contagion because his words come to be judged not by us in here, not by us only on a political platform, but by the people of Barbados and by those who have to do business with the Government and people of Barbados on an ongoing basis.

“And no amount of renaming weakness and calling it stability is going to change the utter desperate condition of the majority of our citizens as we speak today,” she added. Mottley said too that the minister had to give Parliament more information about the apparent urgency to increase the loan borrowing limit now when he said it would not be required until next year.

She said the House suffered through “a charade to a political gallivant”, which was “played on a different field, going for a victory that was not intended for Government, but a victory”.

“It was as if we were watching Peter Pan in the Never Never Land, not knowing where he was going, what he was talking about and Barbadians listening to the radio would have asked the question: ‘Is he speaking about Jamaica or Trinidad or England or the US?’ because he couldn’t be speaking about us,” the MP stated. (SC)

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