Exposed to culture


If Acting Principal at the Princess Margaret Secondary School has any say in it, that institution is set for some in-depth exposure to local culture.

The school today hosted the second annual Independence Cultural Extravaganza, which acting head Wayne Willock said he hoped would continue to grow each year.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY this afternoon shortly after engaging in a round of marbles with the junior boys under some trees on the school grounds, Willock said he believed such exposure could only help with the development of the students and a further appreciation for their heritage.

“What we are trying to do is get the children familiar with the traditions that Barbadians had before, riding scooters, rolling rollers, playing road tennis and pitching and so on before you had de Wii and iPad and all those things. Not that there is anything wrong with those things, because everything has its place, but I like to see the children enjoying themselves like this in this environment.

“Also what is important is to see teachers in a different light. You see a teacher in a classroom and you can’t imagine seeing a teacher in a scooter race or playing road tennis or even pitching marbles. So it is bringing the students and teachers closer together with a mutual respect going on while enjoying the Independence celebrations,” he said. The day started with an Independence parade, a smaller version of what will happen on November 30, along with a talk by General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union, Sir Roy Trotman, on the relationship between Independence, work and school and how it all contributes to their individual goals for the next 20 to 25 years.

Willock said the event was the brainchild of Social Studies teacher Kim Best, who acted as MC for the evening’s events, and some of the children were allowed to dress in mufti wear in national colours.

The day also saw performances by the school’s stilt walkers, and tuk band and later in the evening would also include a singing, dancing and mini-calypso competition, which is something Willock said he was hoping to develop in the future. (LB)

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