BL&P pushing ‘green’

Mark King of BL&P (right) hands out Energy Week stickers to Cubs and Brownies. Looking on are Nichole Stuart (left) and Sandra Reid (second right) of BL&P.

Managing Director of the Barbados Light & Power Company, Mark King, has expressed satisfaction over a recent upsurge in the use of the Renewable Energy Rider, which was proposed by BL&P in an application to the Fair Trading Commission and introduced two years ago.

He said that the increased use of the rider, which allows customers with Solar Photovoltaic and micro wind systems to sell their excess energy to the electricity grid, augured well for the utilisation of these technologies.

King was speaking last Friday at the launch of the Energy Week Competition for Schools, which is being presented by the Division of Energy of the Ministry of Finance in association with the sponsor. The essay, poster and colouring competitions invite primary and secondary school students to address topics under the Energy Week theme, Energy, Engine of the Economy with a focus on the importance of energy sustainability in all the sectors that are important producers, transformers and consumers of energy.

King said at the launch of competition at the solar house in Queen’s Park that while the adoption of renewable energy technologies presented challenges for small island states such as scarce land and financial resources, the local solar water heating industry had already demonstrated how the abundance of sunshine could be effectively harnessed and used to the benefit of Barbadians.

He disclosed that a key component of the BL&P Strategic Plan was to actively seek to reduce our dependence on the use of fossil fuel for the generation of electricity, while supporting the utilisation of renewable energy sources.

Speaking to the theme for Energy Week 2012 and the competition, Energy, Engine of the Economy, the BL&P executive emphasised that his company was delighted to get on board with the competition to help youth highlight their creativity and better appreciate their energy future.

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