All set for show

Magical Storybook is destined to be one of the most magnificent productions ever seen in Barbados and produced locally says producer, Anna Adamira.

The show opens on Independence Day and runs through the weekend at the Wildey Gymnasium.

Last evening at the Wildey Gymnasium she spoke with Barbados TODAY as the performers held their grand rehearsal there.

Adamira, who has been producing pantomimes dating back to the 1960s, said that everything was on track for the event. She said the 475 children participating were ready and acknowledged that the rehearsal was mainly for the technical staff to get their end in order.

The aim of the show is for children to help children, and all funds raised from the event will be used to assist children who suffer with cancer. Five dance schools are involved in the production and performers range in ages from three years old to 53.

“I am trying to show Barbados that everything foreign is not better than what we have here. You are going to see excellence tonight from children who have given and sacrificed a year of their lives — a year.

“Every weekend for one year those three elves coming on have given up their time and they are absolutely perfect … and all the parents have

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