To the rescue

Freundel Stuart.

Freundel Stuart.

The West Indies Cricket Board is moving with dispatch to end the impasse between the Guyana government and the Guyana Cricket Board and is looking to Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to propel a resolution.

Stuart has been appointed to act as mediator between the two by the CARICOM Prime Ministerial Sub-Committee on Cricket.

At a meeting in Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday the WICB registered its grave concern that the dispute had not yet been resolved and urged all parties involved to do their utmost to ensure that cricket in Guyana be returned to a “level of acceptability” in the shortest possible period.

With respect to Stuart’s mediation, the WICB said it awaited the outcome of this critical process.

The Board reiterated its position that it recognised the Guyana Cricket Board as the sole governing body responsible for the administration, management and development of cricket in Guyana. Further the Board reminded that the Guyana Cricket Board was a shareholder of the WICB.

“The WICB has used its best endeavours to ensure that the players and match officials have participated in every regional tournament under the auspices of the WICB since the situation in Guyana developed,” the board said in a release.

The deadline for submission of squads to participate in the Caribbean Twenty20 2013 was November 22, 2012 and The GCB did not submit the Guyana team by this deadline and has not submitted the Guyana team to date.

“The Board has therefore directed the WICB Management to again request the GCB to provide a Guyana team to participate in the Caribbean Twenty20 and for WICB Management to set a date by which the Guyana team is to be submitted,” the release indicated.

The WICB said it would set the date and once finalised would communicate the same to the GCB and the public.

Cricket administration in the south Caribbean country has been in chaos after government stepped in to take control of the GCB through an Interim Management Committee. This followed a ruling by Chief Justice Ian Chang after the legitimacy of the current executive was legally challenged.

Cricket’s world governing body, the ICC, has condemned the Guyana government’s takeover of cricket in that country and has re-emphasised its stance against political interference in the running of the sport.

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