Portia blasts Holness

Jamaica Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

MONTEGO BAY — President of the People’s National Party Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has blasted Opposition Leader Andrew Holness’s recent utterances that his party has started campaigning, noting that those comments could compromise Jamaica’s international relationship.

“The policy of ruin to win by the JLP leader is corrosive, it is clearly intended to undermine relationships between Jamaica and the international community, and could not come at a worse time when Government is in negotiation with the International Monetary Fund,” the prime minister argued.

“This serves to discourage foreign investments because if you are going to have four years of election campaigning what is going to happen in the country? He should be called upon by leaders with experience in the Jamaica Labour Party to resist and desist any kind of demonstration of immature leadership” Simpson Miller stated.

The prime minister questioned the Opposition leader’s patriotism and stopped just short of accusing him of attempting to sabotage the impending IMF deal with Jamaica.

“The nation must record the JLP’s argument leading up to the election was that if the PNP wins we would not be able to get a programme from the IMF. I wonder why the public outburst at this time? The fact that the negotiations are proceeding? Is there something that somebody is panicking?” she questioned.

“I want to send him (Holness) a message – stop cheering for any appearance of bad news for Jamaica. Every Jamaican with a love in the heart for people and for country never cheer at any bad news for the country. We would feel sad and depressed. He should desist from taking a posture that suggest that he would be happy if Jamaica suffer since he and the JLP are not in power,” the prime minister said.

Simpson Miller was speaking during the PNP’s National Executive Council meeting held at the Wexford Court Hotel in Montego Bay yesterday.

She said that she allowed several opportunities to respond to Holness’ comments to pass during several public appearances last week as she waited to respond from a political platform. (Observer)

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