Murder suspect surrenders

GEORGETOWN — Relatives of the Bonasika murder suspect made good on their promise as they turned the suspect, Dharmindra Persaud, over to the police yesterday.

According to reports, Persaud visited his relatives and indicated that he wanted to surrender. The man’s relatives then contacted investigators and made arrangements for them to collect the suspect from the Hubu koker, located at Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

Kaieteur News was told that the suspect has since admitted to killing his reputed wife’s lover and wounding his spouse, saying that the night he saw them together “it was too much for him”.

The man reportedly told investigators that he had tried his best to save his relationship but his spouse, Joy Meyers, was more interested in her lover whom he said is also a close relative of hers.

Sources say that on the day the incident occurred Persaud went to the Bonasika Outpost and reported that his wife had walked out on him, leaving him with three of their four children. At the station the man reportedly begged the police to assist him in getting his wife to come back for their children.

He allegedly told investigators that he and his reputed wife never severed their relationship but she decided to leave their home after “falling in love” with the now dead man, still identified only as Richard.

Kaieteur News was told that the man said he “tripped” after he saw his reputed wife half naked with her lover and their youngest child present.

Meanwhile, investigators were expected to return to the Bonasika area today to retrieve the murder weapon.

On Thursday evening last Joy Meyers and her paramour, identified as Richard were attacked while at the home of Meyers’ father, located in Bonasika Creek.

Meyers’ lover sustained several gaping wounds, one of which almost severed his neck. He also hacked off Meyer’s left hand and she also sustained wounds to the head and neck. The woman’s three-year-old daughter, who was also in the house, was unharmed. (Kaieteur News)

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