Gifts for gamers

We are still in the month of Independence, but let’s be honest, we can’t wait until December 24 to start thinking about what we plan to give to others to show our love. So I thought I would give a quick round up of some gift ideas for the little gamer in your life.

Let’s start with Nintendo’s DSi XL. I’m sure you are saying the 3DS is newer and more the rave, but DSi XL is a cheaper and pretty good alternative. Also depending on the age of the gamer the 3DS is actually not recommended. Nintendo itself issued a warning for persons under seven years of age. Dude, the negative effects the glassless 3D technology can have on the little one’s still developing eyes can’t be ignored.

And with games ranging in price from US $1 to US $30, the long term investment will be kept reasonably low, and with a price of US $170 (Amazon) it’s not a bad starting place.

If you plan to spend a bit more money, then the PlayStation Vita may be right down your street. With a wealth of content available, the Vita brings next gen gaming to a portable device. The five-inch OLED touchscreen is bright and responsive, the controls and button layout are comfortable and would be very friendly and familiar to anyone who plays Sony’s PlaySation.

With a price tag of around US $250, it is more expensive than the DSi XL but also fits the needs of a hard core gamer. Bang for portable buck wise, there isn’t a better deal out there.

If, however, you want to go all out for the gamer in your life, then the Alienware X51 is a good choice. While it might be just a touch larger than today’s gaming consoles, it packs an almighty punch.

Crammed inside this 12.1 pound green and black box is NVIDIA’s GTX 660 (with 1.5GB of dedicated RAM) graphics chip and an Intel Core i7-370 processor with 1TB of HDD memory and 16 GB RAM. Who needs a monitor when the X51 can be easily connected to a living room television for use as a media centre. You can pick up the X51 from Dell’s website starting at around US $1,200.

So no matter the budget there is something out there to brighten the little or big gamer in your life. I just gave you a few ideas to get you started.

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