Schoolboy detained over heist

PORT OF SPAIN — A 15-year-old schoolboy who posed as a woman during a midday jewellery-store heist in Arima on Wednesday has been detained by police. According to police reports, shortly after midday, two men and the boy, who was in disguise, entered the jewellery store on Devenish Street in Arima.

The robbers drew guns and threatened the owner of the store, who in turn handed over more than $150,000 in gold and silver jewellery. The trio tried to run away but were confronted by a security guard who was on duty outside.

The guard drew his gun and fired several shots at them.

Detectives from the Arima Police Station arrived soon after and arrested the teenager, who was wearing a dress and high-heeled shoes. The two other suspects managed to escape in a waiting car. The schoolboy, of Picton Road, Laventille, was taken to the Arima Police Station where he remained under interrogation up to late yesterday.

Investigators believe that the trio was behind a series of similar heists in the past few weeks. The arrests of the two other suspects are imminent, as their images were captured by CCTV cameras at the store, police said. (Guardian)

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