More fiction than fact, says official

Letter from Faye Boyce, treasurer of the Barbados Cycling Union

I have read with great disdain as one article after another is written in the newspaper regarding the issue of the Barbados Cycling Union and Darren Matthews, by persons who should know better.

It is a tiresome exercise reading the trivia and it is certainly extremely annoying to those of us who know these fables to be just that.

I am now responding to the most recent article written by Charles Lynch in the Wednesday mid-week Nation of November 21, 2012, under the Caption ‘BCU should do more for Matthews.’

The Barbados Cycling Union is a nonprofit organisation depending on sponsorship mainly from the Barbados Olympic Association and the National Sports Council. These funds have been drastically reduced over the last few years as has been the situation with all Sporting entities which receive such funding.

Mr. Matthews has been fortunate to receive funding with open arms from the Barbados Cycling Union over the past three years as an Elite Cyclist, which he became since reaching the age of 18 in 2010.

Since then, Matthews has represented Barbados at several overseas meets (Listed below) all expenses paid by the Barbados Cycling union. In addition he has received sponsorship to the tune of approximately $60,000.00 over the past two years, all procured by the Barbados Cycling Union to assist in his training. It is also worthy to note that The Barbados Cycling Union was instrumental in procuring a ‘Wild Card’ for young Matthews to attend the Pan American Games in Mexico, accompanied by his father, David Matthews.

2010 – Commonwealth Games – Delhi, India

CAC Games – Puerto Rico

Pan American Cycling Championships – Mexico

Caribbean Cycling Championships – Guadeloupe

2011 – Pan American Cycling Championships – Columbia

Caribbean Cycling Championships – Jamaica

Trinidad and Tobago Grand Prix

Pan American Games – Mexico

2012 – Trinidad and Tobago Grand Prix

Caribbean Cycling Championships – Antigua

Pan American Cycling Championships – Argentina

Charles Lynch, writer of the article, became a member of the BCU Executive in 2010 and accepted the post of Assistant Racing Secretary and later Racing Secretary. He resigned from the Barbados Cycling Union Executive in May, 2012. If he found the members of the Executive to be insensitive to Matthews’ abilities/ achievements/ successes, why did he not speak out during his tenure? Exactly where and to what extent is his blame?

The Barbados Cycling Union Executive Council members are unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly to promote the sport of cycling in Barbados as best they could under extremely trying circumstances.

It is unfortunate that some persons who purport to be ‘cyclists for the fun of the sport’ and ordinary members of the Union, blatantly attempt to destroy the sport in the public eyes for their own selfish gain, with such fiction and untruths.

In closing, I would like to state that The Barbados Cycling Union is very proud of young Matthews and all cyclists who have achieved or accomplished medals etc. whether locally, regionally or Internationally, and the executive of the BCU pledges it’s continued support to all cyclists until this term of office comes to an end in 2016.

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