Kolij dominate swim meet

Harrison College’s swimmers covered themselves in glory yesterday when they won both the girls’ and boys’ finals of the Powerade-sponsored Secondary Schoos Swimming Championships at the Aquatic Centre.

The girls of the Crumpton Street school finished with 256 points, 39 ahead of the second-placed former champions Queen’s College. The St. Michael School finished third with 203 points.

Also competing among the girls were St Ursula’s (91), Combermere (54), Providence Secondary (40), Deighton Griffith (32), Springer Memorial (29), Codrington (26), Foundation† (16) and The Lodge School, 5.

In action among the boys, Harrison College tallied 300.5 points, while The St. Michael School was some distance back in second place with 186 and Queen’s College third on 149 points. The other positions were taken by Combermere (78), Foundation (58.5), St George Secondary (52), Codrington (48), Deighton Griffith (36), The Lodge School (22) and St. Leonard’s, 15.

The top age-group female and male performers were: Age 11-12 †- Hannah Gill of Queen’s College with 49 points and Damon St Prix of Combermere with 45 points; Age 13-14 – Kimberley Willoughby of Combermere with 54 points and Akeem Nurse of St George Secondary with 52 points; Age 16-17 – Lee-Ann Rose of Queen’s College with 48 points and and Gabriel Gunby of Harrison College with 45 points.

Yesterday’s triumph was Harrison College’s 19th title. †

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