Every cent counts

Chairman Sir Errol Walrond (centre) chats with awardees (from left) Bibi Patel, Rhonda Green, Kerryann Smith and Coral Richards, who collected for her daughter Joy.

The scarcity of resources in the midst of tough economic realities has led the Barbados Community College to place greater value on assistance from development foundations.

As five students from the nursing department were this morning presented with the Sir Arnott Cato Award, Senior Tutor in the Division of Health Sciences, Cheryl Weekes, underscored the importance of additional support to the continuation of students’ education.

Acknowledging that they were grateful to the Ministries of Health and Education for their continued support of the programme, Weekes noted: “We do recognise that the entire world is undergoing severe economic stress and therefore our resources will become scarcer and scarcer and increasingly we are going to be requiring the assistance of foundations like the Arnott Cato Foundation even more than we do now.”

The awards were presented to Joy Richards for work in General Nursing; Kerryann Smith, for Psychiatric Nursing; Sherryanne Bobb for Midwifery; Rhonda Green for Health Information Management and Bibi Patel for Medical Laboratory Technology.

Along with a certificate, the winners were also presented with a cash prize, which administrators of the foundation said could be used to further their education, join professional associations or subscribe to professional journals, which are among the goals of the foundation.

The awards are presented to students based on academic performance, diligence, excellence and exceptional service, while performing their duties during attachment at the hospital.

Principal Dr. Gladstone Best also noted that the college was always pleased to partner with organisations which recognised the work of students and sought to acknowledge and encourage scholarship among them.

“Human capital is about health and education and persons cannot function in any way unless they have good health. So the health care professionals then are the ones to make sure the nation is happy … and the education sector is the one to make sure that persons are given the necessary training, education and skills that are necessary,” he said, adding that agencies like the Arnott Cato Foundation aided in this.

New Chairman of the Foundation, Sir Errol Walrond, told the recipients they should take every advantage of the opportunity being presented.

“We not only wanted to reward excellence as we are going to do today, but to encourage the wider health region and certainly the ones who perform excellently to continue their studies. The award you are receiving today is just a punctuation mark in your career.

“You should see this as a launching pad for a career … and we pledge to continue to support you, encourage you in your further education and of course in any research activities you might want to do,” he stated. (LB)

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