Don’t waste sacrifices


Minister of Education Ronald Jones is warning Barbadians not to let the sacrifices of their foreparents to develop the country be wasted.

He was speaking this morning at the official renaming of the St. James Secondary to the Frederick G Smith Secondary School.

Sr. Frederick Smith (left) speaking with students of the newly named Frederick G Smith Secondary School while Minister Ronald Jones (second left) looks on.

Jones said that the men and women worked extremely hard and selflessly so that their families could eat, to build the village and to “construct the nation that we can boast of and are proud of today”.

“We are merely spectators…, they were the participants…, they worked for us to be where we are today. Today it is not only in the life of Sir Frederick that we name the school but in the memories of everyone of them; those whose backs we climbed on, those who faced the challenges and …, I salute them just as well as we this morning salute Sir Frederick Smith, an outstanding Barbadian.

“Sometimes my spirit falls because I hear so much negative in this country — call-in programmes where people who sometimes have nothing to do but moan and bemoan and quarrel and fret and fume. Any time a nation spends most of its time fretting and fuming and quarrelling. then that nation does not grow, that nation does not develop.

“We have to look for the nugget of strength in every nation. We have to look for that reservoir of energy that has made this country what it is and do not spend a lot of time quarrelling about everything single thing under the sun — we are a great country.

“When I look around and see the despair in so many places, the wars, rumours of war in rich countries, in poor countries… I draw the conclusion that unless we continue to track a path of purpose, that unless we continue to focus on the positives in our nation, we too shall become engulfed,” he said. (KC)

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