Celebrate for a cause

After Hurricane Sandy, philanthropic compassion continues to rise and spread within the Bajan New York community and elsewhere.

In some movies there are villains and heroes. When settings and the behaviour of characters change unexpectedly, excitement is created, which often thrills the audience. This is exactly the current picture of the celebration of this year’s anniversary of an independent Barbados — with Hurricane Sandy as the villain, and, the leadership of community organisations as the heroes.

Not so long ago, two annual events were cancelled. Now, thanks to a collaborative effort, Barbadians living in New York and their well wishers will enjoy a meal, shake a leg, help families in need, as well as celebrate the 46th anniversary of Independence YPBS style on Saturday, December 1 at the exclusive Resorts World Casino in Jamaica, NY.

Consul General Lennox Price, who with other Caribbean diplomats recently toured the Canarsie district in order to see the extent of the disaster, gave his blessing to the joint effort of CBONY NY, YBPS and BACNJ.

Price made this appeal through a widely circulated letter which said in part:

“In response to the urgent need to assist families from our community who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, we are inviting all Barbadian organisations to join forces with YBPS, CBONY, and BACNJ, and help those in need. It should be noted that all proceeds will be used to the benefit of the members of our community who have been affected by the storm.”

Price also requested organisations to: assist in promoting the event via email, social media and word of mouth and assist with securing donation(s) gift baskets/prizes for the Chinese raffle.

By coincidence or maybe providence, the event, which now forms the pillar of the celebration, was originally scheduled as a Young Barbadian Professional Society anniversary event and called Blue Yellow Blue Night: Lucky 7.

Special guest performer will be Mikey, Barbados’ 2012 Road March King, Sweet Soca and Party Monarch. The cost of a ticket is $60, which is inclusive of a buffet dinner and entertainment. There will also be a cash bar and auction of Bajan art, products and other items.

Pierre Nigel and Carlton Murrell are two artists who have agreed to donate some of their work to the auction.

Tickets should be purchased by Sunday, November 25 by contacting the youngbarbadianprofessionals@yahoo.com, cbony@live.com, or baconj@gmail.com with your commitment to participate or donate.

Renee Cutting, Junior Perry and Miguel Edghill should be commended for their extra ordinary leadership.

Now it will be left to the members of the community to assemble and demonstrate that the title Bajan Patriots quell a Storm is a fair and appropriate header for this spontaneous movie.

Truth be told, one does not have to attend this event to show one’s compassion. Clintonian arithmetic computes the net revenue per head at about $30. This tells me that if you can’t attend, a donation of $40 more than makes you a winner. And 200 donations alone will permit the establishment of a permanent hurricane relief fund. I anticipate 500 donations.

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  1. Barbara Greaves November 25, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Mr Edey’s articles are always to the point. It is true that Barbadians in the tri-state area need to bond together and help the victims devastated by Hurricane Sandy. It is a pity that there are not as many Independence celebrations in NJ and the New York area. Krrp up the excellent writing.


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