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Dr. Selvi Jeyaseelan, Professor Chris Hiller and Professor Ian Hambleton of 4R, walked away with the first prize of $10,000 in this year’s Automotive Entrepreneurial Award Competition last night at Champers Restaurant, Rockley, Christ Church.

They placed ahead of Malissa Blackman, Carolann Gollop and Julie Murphy of brideLife Magazine, who copped the second prize, while Alan Lynch, Matthew Clarke, Aquinaldo Belgrave, Delvin Howell and Tristan Roach of Beyond Publishing won the third prize. Claire Haynes and Lynn Hambrick of Code Blue won the fourth prize, and Neville Robinson of VTV was fifth.

After receiving their award, Jeyaseelan said the company, which was recently formed, was aiming to improve health and health care in the African Diaspora. She added that the company was evaluating new treatments that included healthy eating patterns among patients. She also said that diabetes disproportionately affected black people, further noting it was a big issue in Barbados.

A spokeswoman for brideLife Magazine said they recognised that Barbados was actually one of the top 10 Caribbean destinations for the US market. She said the US was a $800 billion market and said that if the visitors could not come to them they would have to get to them. She added that even though brides were at work they were often online and this led to their decision to put together an online magazine for this market.

Speaking on behalf of Beyond Publishing, Matthew Clarke thanked the organisers of the competition, Automotive Art and financiers, Angel Network and noted that without their initiative they would still be putting off developing a business plan.

In a brief address, Chief Executive Officer of Automotive Art, Doug Armstrong, said that as a company born from entrepreneurial vision, management felt that as part of their philanthropic initiatives the competition would be a great way to propagate and highlight entrepreneurship in the country.

He noted that the panel of judges included Andrew Bynoe of Carlton Supermarket, Chiryl Newman, of Champers; Roger Cave, of Fortress; Adrian Meyer, of Cidel and Annie Bertrand, an independent consultant.

Chairman of Automotive Art, Dereck Foster, said there were 75 entries and he noted that so far 31 investors had come forward to extend financing to the new entrepreneurs. (NC)

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