Support for dyslexics


Through its Power to Make a Difference corporate social responsibility programme, Republic Bank continues to positively impact the social landscape of Barbados by supporting the efforts of entities such as the Caribbean Dyslexia Centre, in its programme to diagnose and treat persons challenged by this disorder.

Retail Services Manger, Broad Street Branch, Sharon Zephirin, presented Director of the Caribbean Dyslexia Centre, Vicki Whitehead, with a cheque which represented the bank’s annual contribution towards its efforts to assist young people affected by this hidden disability.

“I am truly amazed by what I have learnt about dyslexia because of our relationship with the CDC and I am proud that as an organisation, we can positively impact the treatment of dyslexia,” said Zephirin.

Whitehead said that many people are unclear about what dyslexia really is and the effect it has on both young and older persons. From its inception in 1994, the CDC has helped thousands of individuals faced with challenges of the condition to excel academically and socially.

She further explained that although persons with dyslexia are not “logical thinkers” that is, they do not use the left side of the brain for day-to-day activities, dyslexics use the right side of their brain allowing creative expression in areas such as music and the arts and excellence in sports.

“With the right guidance these individuals can perform extraordinarily in society” stated Whitehead. One such example is Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group.

A recent project of the Dyslexia Centre is training teachers to identify students with dyslexia. This project seeks to ensure that children with dyslexia are not lost in the school system and the treatment and assistance required is provided.

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