St. Michael shines

Taneish Springer and Rasheed Drakes stand out in costume segment

The costume segment of the recent Spirit of the Nation Show was a sure sign that Barbados’ talent abounds.

Designer of the St. Michael costumes, young Kevin Small, led the duo of Taneish Springer and Rasheed Drakes to come out overall winners of the segment and earned himself the Designer’s Award for Best Costume.

Springer portrayal of The Rise of the Black Woman, reminiscent of the days of Rachel Pringle and Susan Esther-Welch was outstanding as she moved across the stage in clear enjoyment of the piece. Drakes on the other hand, in his military gear that was a Salute to the Military Guardsman, did the piece proud. His upright manner of walking only emphasised the dignity of the piece.

Also of mention was the St. Joseph tribute to their theme for this year The A-Z of Josephine Legacies: Crafting and Budding Our Communities. Kimberley Knight represented a budding flower, while Rommell Marshall showcased the craftsmen of old that have helped to shape the community. When they came together they formed the outline of a heart.

Christ Church, always first out the gates, were indeed Celebrating All Things Bajan, with the full map of the island on the back of Nicholas Boyce, and the national colours resplendent on Renesha Straughn.

St. Andrew also paid tribute to their parish heroes with Darren Gibson and Jalissa Marshall representing heroes Leroy Lowe, a former bus driver up to age 73 and Perlie Jordan, a hawker. Gibson was the first of the ambassadors to “drive” a vehicle onto stage.

As the night wore on, costumes became increasingly detailed and a few even elicited strong responses from the audience. It was clear that much thought and preparation went into the pieces their year and the Parish Independence Committees should have been proud. (LB)

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