Meeting on issues affecting youth

“Creating the future we want” is a broad based discussion/debate by young people, for young about the issues affecting young people – and it will be part of this moth general meeting of the Barbados Youth Development Council.

In addition to highlighting the issues, it also aims to provide solutions and to build consensus on the way forward for Barbadian youth. The discussion will draw on the knowledge and experience of several young people, including the head of a political youth arm, a young journalist and a young sports personality.

On the eve of our country’s 46th anniversary of Independence it is not simply enough to celebrate the concept but to understand the critical role young people must play in maintaining our gains and advancing the struggle for a more just and equitable society, a BYDC said..

“New information and communications technologies offer much promise for social, economic and political empowerment. However often times policymakers neglect the potential to educate, inform and actively engage young people on the real issues affecting society.

“Instead, such channels are employed towards propagandistic ends with the hope of swaying young voters at election time. Sadly, young people themselves have often failed to explore the advocacy potential, instead only realising the social connectivity new ICTs bring.

“During this discussion the pros and cons of maximising the use of new/social media will also be debated as well as matters concerning youth rights. The panel discussion will be followed by a short training session on advocacy and the effective use of social media towards this end.”

The meeting takes place on November 24, starting at 10:30 a.m at the training room of the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd, Roebuck Street, St. Michael.

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