Look muh hey!

The funniest thing you’ll ever hear

Is to hear her call…

Comforts! Toffees! Package of nuts!

Tell me wha yuh want young fella!

Thanks in part to the Merrymen’s immortalisation of the Bajan nutseller, younger Barbadians can still get a mental picture of this Barbadian legend. The netsellers, seen here in the Fairchild Street bus stand of old, are part of a dying breed who proudly declared how they provided for their families with their trays.

We salute you — a proud symbol of Independence!

Photos compliments Media Resource Department of the mInistry of Education.

One Response to Look muh hey!

  1. Joy Brown November 23, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    Thank you,Thank you,I feel like a little child again every time i see these wonderful pictures.Thank You.


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