Making good citizens

Inter-School and Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship is still very much alive and is needed more than ever before.

This is the view of the chairman of the organisation, Reverend Paul Leacock, while speaking this morning to the media Solidarity House about upcoming events to celebrate 53 years of functioning in schools in Barbados.

Reverend Paul Leacock.

The IS/IVCF presently functions in all 68 primary school, 22 secondary schools and tertiary institutions as well. However, Leacock told Barbados TODAY that one of the major concerns they faced was the high number of competing programmes. So the number of children participating in activities was not as overwhelming as the organisation would like.

Nevertheless, he said, they have not reduced their efforts to attract more young people and have embarked on strategic goals to increase numbers.

“We are still thankfully a nation that has a high respect for and participating in things Christian. The moral turpitude of our country depends upon the morals and the values that we espouse, particularly the ones that we teach to our youth in their formative years,” he said.

“We live in a very pluralist society where there are many prevailing opinions and positions, and of course our young people are exposed to the Internet. A generation ago most of our parents were primarily concerned with the one bad example that they would want us to say away from. Or the areas that would have a concentration of bad behaviour and we were restricted from them, but now parents are faced with the Internet … a global phenomenon that everyday impacts the lives of their charges.

“Therefore, it is absolutely essential that we are able to infuse in our young people good moral values, good Christian principles that allow them, not only to live well but to be academically sound… Education is not only academic but ought to be spiritual as well.

“Let us be serious about this [because] we cannot expect that our children in the face of all that they are exposed to, to just somehow live good and normal lives… We need to make a concerted effort to make sure that they learn the spiritual values, that they have good ethics… So this organisation is indispensable for our young people.”

IS/IVCF is a charitable organisation, which was said to have made a significant contribution to the lives of young Barbadians for 52 years. Leacock added that the school system was blessed to have such a programme.

“Programmes such as these merits the support of all of Barbados… We want to encourage Barbados to contribute to IS/IVCF in whatever way you can so that we can sustain our administrative costs … and make sure that we have quality young men and quality workers who can help our young people to live better quality lives.

“Unapologetically we say that we know those who pursue Christ, who live Christian lives, are ones who live good, sound wonderful lives. Particularly when it begins in the tender years in primary school, secondary school and at the tertiary level. Our purpose is to build good Christian moral values and to help our youth to live out their Christian values and to share those values with their peers,” he said. (KC)

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  1. tymar ajani November 22, 2012 at 11:13 am

    It is absolutely essential to infuse sound and rounding moral values—-spiritual values. Whether Christian or Muslim or Hindu etc the voices of moral righteousness must sing out in harmony.


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