Driven crazy by kites


A petition against the staking out of “bull kites” is making rounds and the campaign is being led by a woman who says complaints against noise pollution are still largely ignored in Barbados.

Elizabeth Senior told Barbados TODAY that since she moved into Strathclyde, St. Michael, she has been plagued by the noise of kites that have been tied out all throughout the day and night in her area.

She said so bad has been the problem that she had walked or ridden to the nearby Black Rock Police Station on a number of occasions to have something done about it. While she contended that the main perpetrator had ceased since being visited by a sergeant from that precinct, she said others in the area have not been as considerate.

It has led her to start a petition that now has more than 30 names of persons, not only from Strathclyde, but from the West Coast as well who have been bothered by the habit.

Senior maintained though that she was beginning to feel like a nuisance herself to the police, and her visits had become such a norm that there was seldom response.

She claimed that on at least one occasion she was told the custom was a “Bajan tradition”, which she said she believed meant that it was to be expected. But she argued that the noise and nuisance the practice created was unacceptable, whether she was born here or not.

She alleged that her first petition was already torn to shreds by a resident who was a kite flyer, and this second one she started had already garnered about 31 signatures.

“I’m hoping for about 60 signatures before I hand it in,” said the woman, who added that she was now the person residents and others called when they were having noise issues with kites.

So pervasive was the problem, she said that her original plans to start offering art classes had to be put on hold.

“Sometimes you can’t hear yourself think because of the constant buzzing. People don’t understand the stress it can cause and my blood pressure has gone quite high,” said the former teacher. (LB)

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