Broomes’ behaviour unacceptable

Finally, with the laying of the long-awaited Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Administration of the Alexandra School the House, the document has become a public one; there is now the official confirmation of what Barbados Today had revealed since November 1.

This Commission of enquiry has found that Jeff Broomes has, inter alia:

* Indulged in bullying and workplace abuse;

* Engaged in demeaning and belittling behaviour towards teachers in the sight and hearing of students;

* Created divisions among staff and one that I find one of the most grievous and one we ignore at the peril of our children; and “he manipulates the students”!

Surely, this last one should evoke the most profound revulsion in the heart and mind of every right-thinking Barbadian for it is hideous and reprehensible.

I can think of no harsher indictment one can make against any teacher.

Broomes stands accused of employing insidious games with the minds of his students for his own gain.

Are we Barbadians to tolerate and support this? Broomes’ “manipulation” must be considered, and I will purposely use his very own words, a “most unprofessional and unethical” tactic.

Can anyone tell me on what basis can Jeff Broomes possibly to be allowed to continue to be the principal of Alexandra School?

— Godfrey Bynoe

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