Robbery in Henley land

by Emmanuel Joseph

It was like the wild west this morning in Henley Land, St. John.

Gun shots rang out, residents reported, after two men brandishing guns walked through the area and robbed two men “on the block” of jewellery and a mobile phone.

Neither Leon Weekes nor Hansiff Padmore, both from Henley, was not injured.

Lionel Weekes, the father of one of the robbery victims speaking with Emmanuel Joseph.

However, a visibly shaken Weekes told Barbados TODAY he did not want to talk about the attack, but his father, Lionel Weekes, a former policeman, recalled that he and his wife were at home reading when he heard shots.

He said he looked out and saw two men running along the road and his son and another man in pursuit.

“While my son and this other man was running behind these men, they were shooting back at them, probably trying to deter them,” reported the lay preacher.

Weekes and some other residents reported that the attackers, who were apparently not familiar to the “boys in the area”, had earlier circled the district several times in a car, before parking it away from the block where a group of men were “hanging out.

“They said the two of them then ‘walked down the gap’ to the liming spot and robbed the men,” Weekes revealed.

They then ran away and got in the vehicle and escaped.

“But while these men were shooting back at the two ‘boys’ behind them, they had school children standing at the bus stop on the same road where the robbers passed,” a neighbour said.

Weekes reported that his son had also at one point come to him for the keys to his truck in order to chase down the get away car.

“But I told him, you ain’t dead, leave it at that. Don’t go,” Weekes stated.

The father of three, remembered losing his eldest son in 2004, when he was killed by another man, who struck him in his face with a rock. He made it clear he did not want to lose another son in similar tragic circumstances.

One female resident told Barbados TODAY the sound of shots “jumped” her up, while two others recalled seeing two men running and shooting.

“The school children at the bus stop like they were not aware of what was happening. My child was one of them at the bus stop. It seem they could not believe there were real shots. One body said they thought the men were using cap guns,” exclaimed a witness.

When a team from this newspaper arrived on the scene this morning, a police officer was taking photographs of the spent bullet casings retrieved from the road and setting down markers where the bullets were found.

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