How time flies

The year is almost over and I am still trying to reach my goals for the earlier part of the year. I had many plans to do a whole set of things and had my achievements mapped out as I made my plans. I was feeling good when the year started as some things were falling into place.

I was getting to clear some bills and was making plans for the Crop-Over season, which was going to be a great one, well at least from my plans. With half of the year planned and looking good I was sure to achieve these goals.

One such goal was to get the old Corolla back on the road after an accident and that in itself was like getting my Akita, Shepherd, not to jump the wall or run through the gate when it is opened. First of all I went for the person giving me the so called better price to do some remedial work and ended up spending that charge plus another half simply because he messed it all up.

The sad thing about it is he never even offered to give me a few dollars back after costing me more grief and more money. I guess some business people don’t know how to keep business coming, because anyone asking me for a referral as far as he is concerned, I will be very vocal in letting them know not to take their wheel barrow to him and state why too. I believe in having solid proof when I speak ill of anyone.

I finally managed to get the car finished, thanks to my trusted body repairman who had first arranged the other work for me at someone else that I refused and then had to go to, but I learned my lesson the hard way through my very slight pockets.

With that out of the way I was then on to songs and titles for the calypso tents. I was sure I would have some bombs to off load this past season and had more than enough time to get them ready. Before you could say Pic-O-De-Crop the tent had started and judging was coming and I had no songs ready. I was being called on to have my songs ready, which I assured all I would have, but the months came at me so fast I never realised that April may have passed June.

I was still at planning stages when the tents started. My thing was to win that title and maybe sell the car or depending on my plans later I would have kept it. RPB, Ian Webster and Gabby made well sure that I was not to smell the interior of that car or even get in the top three so I settled for fourth spot.

Another crashed plan which meant I had to get the others on the way, but before I could settle my thoughts it is almost Independence Day and Christmas is biting at the bit to unleash a fury of sales and best buys and goodies to offset my pocket. I cannot forget my daughter’s birthday and she will be 18 years old and I still have not made up my mind on what to do for her, plus she keeps changing what she would like. Where have the months gone to? The years have flown by in a hurry and I am making a conscious effort to ease off the planning too.

I have been waiting still for that magical date for elections just like everyone else. I am sticking my neck out and saying March 2013. I know the BLP are making plans to occupy the government and so too the present government is making plans to keep their position but I hope no one calls the movers too soon. At least put them on standby because you really can’t plan too far ahead. I hope none of them don’t make any big promises that they can’t fulfill, but then again that is a politicians role it seems.

As for the remaining weeks of 2012, I am off of the plans and goals. I will live the rest of the year as it comes and start planning for 2013 instead. Making money and taking care of me and my family health wise is number one. I know to take care of the family I need money so that is a huge motivator to be productive for 2013. As for the rest of the fancy plans, the ball gets rolling as usual and the script will be quite the same with the question of where has the months and year gone to in such a flash.

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