Greener Agrofest 2013

CEO of the BAS,James Paul, Country Manager at First Citizens Elizabeth Morgan, Mark Hill with students of the Grantley Adams Memorial School

AgroFest is going greener for 2013.

This year, in conjunction with First Citizens Investment Services and Innogen Technology, organisers have launched the National Energy Saving Competition for Students.

The launch took place this morning at the First Citizens Office in Warrens, St. Michael. The competition will target both primary and secondary schools and will run for about three months. Its aim is to equip future generations with the skills needed to be able to audit and be more energy conscious.

Managing Director of Innogen Technology, Mark Hill, said such a programme was very critical and it had significance for the individual and the nation.

“At this point in time as it comes to householders consumption of energy, about one third of the energy consumed, that is produced by Light & Power is used by householders. Therefore a competition like this with young persons living in virtually every household [will] help not just audit homes or learn the skills about energy efficiency, but to actually bring about a reduction in energy consumption.

Taking action in terms of reducing our dependency on fossil fuel, our young people will also be helping in terms of reducing our spend on foreign exchange so when we look at the critical nature of this competition it is very important as we go forward.

“From our experience in the market, we have found that there is a 30 to 40 per cent wastage in every home so we want to equip young people to go and find that wastage and to encourage their parents to engage in the necessary behavioural

modifications that would see householder saving income from that light bill. A dollar saved is a dollar earned …,” he said. (KC)

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