Speedy barriers

Operating the barrier builder.

There is now a quicker and stronger method of constructing barriers and curbs along the island’s highways.

Although C.O. Willians Construction has been operating what is known as a slip forming machine made by Power Curber of the US for the past 30 years, today was the first time it was used to build Jersey barriers here. Today the activity was on the Welches section of the Ronald Mapp Highway.

Manager of Roads Works with C.O. Williams, Robin Dash, told Barbados TODAY, that slip forming, which was a continuous process of pouring of concrete in a pre-aligned machine mould, would replace the old method of “dropping down” a precast barrier.

Dash said the old system was time consuming, considering the amount of manoeuvring which had to be done in order to get the barrier in the correct place. However, he explained, that with the slip forming method, all measurements and alignments would be pre-set and the machine would simply follow and pour.

“This is a stronger and quicker way,” Dash revealed.

He noted that it was able to accomplish its task in half the time it took the old approach.

“This is how it is done in the developed countries and we are just trying to keep up with the technology,” added Dash.

He said that after doing a test for the Ministry of Transport and Works, it accepted the new system and that was why C.O. Williams was now carrying out the project.

The Jersey barrier is designed in such a way, that if a vehicle crashed into it, the wheel follows a path that pushes the vehicle back onto the road, but not in a violent manner. It also eliminates head-on collisions. (EJ)

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