Red wine tea encounter

I may be wrong, and I usually am, but not so this time!

In the past few years and again recently at Frank Collymore Hall, I have been admonished by waiters/waitresses about a habit I have. As it turns out, there are others who apparently feel the same way as I.

Bajans are known for adopting the habits of countries where these said habits are rooted in cultural mores which have nothing to do with us; e.g. we now celebrate Halloween. I also remember when we used to put white sand or marl around our houses at Christmas to get the snow effect!

Not to mention the horrible practice by young men today of wearing their pants way below their buttocks whether or not they wear underwear, clean ones notwithstanding.

As a 46 year-old independent country striving to attain First World status (whatever that is), is it not time that we start thinking for ourselves? Will we ever be truly independent? Independence starts with the mind, but as per usual I digress.

At F.C. Hall, after a rather enjoyable evening of music, I joined several persons at the bar for some liquid refreshment to slake a thirst that had been driving me crazy. I ordered a glass of red wine, which when I received it, not only were the contents somewhere close to the middle of the glass, it was so warm, I swear that if a tea bag was available I might have been able to accidentally discover the world’s first Red Wine Tea!

To my consternation and annoyance I was fairly loudly reprimanded by the bartender that wine is served at room temperature?? This was not the first time I have heard this credo locally but under the circumstances with my elegant evening now ruined, I responded slightly louder than he had been. I informed not only the bartender, but all within earshot that this does not apply to Barbados or countries that are similarly affected because of their close geographical location to the equator.

I explained that this imbibing habit was brought into practice over the years by countries where wine is produced, like France, Spain, Italy etc which store their wines in cellars; coincidentally countries with cool or cold temperatures!

Who wants wine at 80 degrees Farenheit? If I am expecting company at my domicile and wine is to be consumed, I put it in the refrigerator for approximately half an hour prior to its injestion.

When you want to come over as a know-it-all, as we are wont to do on this Rock, you need to have your facts in order. Warm wine makes me think of a dancehall, packed with patrons partaking of a culture more natural to them! Nuff said!

By the way, would it not make sense for purveyors of wines like bars, restaurants, hotels etc, to have some chilled for those who could care less as to how Europeans prefer theirs?

— William Smokey Burke

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