Expedition to Bath

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, the Bridgetown District hosted one of its annual activities, namely the District Expedition.

With more than 600 persons, including Scouts, Leaders and parents boarding 12 buses from the Transport Board to take them to Bath Beach in the parish of St. John, one would know that it was destined to be a day of fun and frolic.

In past years, the district administrators had used this occasion to make their presence felt and that of the Scouting Association by driving through the various local districts chatting with the neighbours about Scouting and inviting them to be a part of the Movement.

One can remember the days when it looked like a scene in a western movie as the many buses circle the community like wagon trains under Indian attack and the many boys and Leaders in their groups activity shirts literally covering the areas like Indians on the war path. Oh for those good old days!!

These boys nonetheless had a fantastic time at Bath where they played almost every conceivable game known to boys while the adults rested under the shade of the many trees. Some of the Cubs seized the opportunity to collect sea shells for their collector’s Badge, while others did so for the mere fun of collecting the sea fans and sea shells for their homes.

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