Neesha going global

She gave up her job as Office Administrator at Novamed Family Clinic at the end of May this year to plunge full time into the gospel music ministry.

Six months later, passionate recording gospel artiste Neesha Woodz, real name Neesha Wooding, has no regrets.

“Things have been going well so far. God has been good to me,” boasted the solo act.

In fact, Neesha has so much on her plate these days, we had to virtually steal “a few minutes” from her hectic schedule in order to obtain the interview for this article. She had been “running” between the recording studio and doing other business, in preparation for her debut album.

We will get back to that album and other releases shortly.

Since quitting her office job, this singer/songwriter, guitarist and drummer, has been performing at lots of concerts, confessing that she couldn’t take all.

“I have been doing more than one concert a night,” she added. “And other concerts are coming up that I have to perform at. I have one on November 25 at the Collymore Rock Nazarene Church entitled: Jesus is Captain of this Ship. There is another one on December 7, also at the Collymore Rock Nazarene called VIP – Virgin Is Possible. It promotes abstinence.

“Shane Forrester also has his concert on November 24 at the Thankful Family Church, where I will perform.”

She is also assisting a sister church, the Cave Hill Wesleyan Holiness Church with its Worship Music Department.

Although Neesha recalled starting singing as early as age five, being the youngest member of her father’s chorale, Hope, it was only in March this year, when her mother died, that she decided to take singing as a serious music ministry.

“My mother’s death caused me to realise how short life is,” pointed out the former doctor’s assistant.

Now back to that pending debut album and other releases. It’s going to be a 14-track compact disc, likely to be titled Adrenaline, the same name as her most recent single, which was released on October 26 this year.

Neesha told High Note that 13 of the songs were written by her, with the other, More Precious, being co-authored by singer/songwriter Shane Forrester.

The album, which is due for release in March next year, will be dedicated to her mom’s death and also coincides with her (Neesha’s) birth month.

The CD covers such genres as soca, dancehall, reggae, alternative, R&B and a spouge-zouk fusion.

Adrenaline is a soca song. Others include Nagga Bow, dancehall (her previous single), Your Love Is, an R&B and funk fusion and Holding Onto You, reggae.

Her first Christmas release, Celebrate Him Every Day, should hit the local market on December 1.

Meanwhile, Neesha’s latest single is already making waves on local radio, particularly the gospel station CITA Radio, as well as in Trinidad and the United States.

The talented artiste has also gone the music video route in order to give her message greater impact. Having already produced a video of More Precious, which has so far recorded 174,000 views on YouTube, she is capitalising on the popularity of her two singles for another music video.

Neesha is so serious about her professional music career, that she has already made certain overseas contacts in preparation for a series of tours next year, which will also be used to promote her releases.

“I see myself going international. I’ll be travelling next year and promoting my CDs,” said the artiste who has so far written over 150 songs.

She plans, as well, to establish a brand as part of a movement, with a special message targeting females. For starters, this ambitious young gospel singer intends to produce a special music video of More Precious to push that brand campaign with women in mind.

“I’ll be making it into a movement with a message for females. Next year I’ll be going into schools (with that message),” asserted Neesha.

“My vision is based on the three Es — evangelism, encouragement and edification.

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