Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce revealing the design of the new energy badge.

The Barbados Cub Scouts and Girl Guides have a new badge to work towards, the energy badge.

The badge was revealed this morning at the Solar House in Queen’s Park, the City. From November 11 to 18, energy week is being recognised in Barbados, this year under the theme Energy, the engine of the economy.

Energy badge coordinator, Nesha Nurse, implored Cubs and brownies today not to see the initiative as just another badge for them to put on their sashes. Rather, she added, it must serve as an opportunity for them to become more informed citizens, who truly understand the different forms of energy available.

“The officers within the Natural Resources Department of the Energy Division felt that it was necessary for the students in their research and preparations to be made aware of all the different energy sources available, both renewable and non- renewable,” Nurse added:

“We also thought that it was important that a segment of the requirement dealt with the issue of debunking and because we are scientists at heart, we felt it was necessary for the students to create and experiment – or … to see energy in action.

“We are also acutely aware of the many creative talents of our country’s cubs and brownies and we ensure that there is a task requirement which addresses those capabilities.”

“Saving, producing and using energy wisely will be critical to the development of our country. If we are to leave future generations with a world that they can not only live well in, but one in which they can prosper, it is imperative our brownies, our cub scouts and the other potential leaders of tomorrow begin the hard work of understanding energy and the vital role it will continue to play in our lives.

“We want you to take this information back to your parents, back to your schools, communities and the Barbadian society at large, because you are now going to be our energy champions, working together with the division to achieve our shared goal of a sustainable energy future,” she said.

Along with the energy badges there were also Youth Energy Week competitions for primary and secondary school students. (KC)

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