Battle of the parishes

Eleven colours of the spectrum will be on display tomorrow night in the Wildey Gymnasium when 22 Parish Ambassadors go up against each other to see which parish will emerge with the Most Outstanding Ambassadors.

The 2012 Spirit of the Nation Show, under the theme Craftsmen of Our Fate: Inspiring Pride and Unity, starts at 6 p.m. and also features the best talent each parish has to offer.

Each parish has its own colour and it has become a tradition of the show for all to come decked out to tell the world where they come from and for whom they are hailing.

The parishes and their colours are as follows: St. Lucy (jade); St. Peter (lime green); St. Andrew (forest green); St. James (electric blue); St. Thomas (cardinal); St. Joseph (teal); St. George (red); St. John (gold); St. Michael (white); St. Philip (purple) and Christ Church (orange).

Preparations ahead of tomorrow’s show have intensified over the last two weeks as ambassadors tried to get themselves ready for their ultimate performances. Today we feature for one last time, the 11 couples who will hit the stage for the last time before a winner is declared.

St. Lucy — Sad? Gibson, 19, and Damien Bishop, 21.

St. Peter — La-Shea Samuel, 19, and Naki Modoo, 26.

St. Andrew — Jalissa Marshall, 18, and Darren Gibson, 19.

St. James — Natalia Coggin, 25, and Tremar Forde, 20.

St. Thomas — Shanade Alleyne, 20, and Mario Small, 20.

St. Joseph — Kimberley Knight, 26, and Rommell Marshall, 23.

St. George — Leslie-Ann Greenidge, 18, and Kristoffer King, 23.

St. John — Rashida Belgrave, 22, and Tr? Jackman, 18.

St. Michael — Taneish Springer, 20, and Rasheed Drakes, 20.

St. Philip — Dione Applewhite, 18, and Omar Weekes, 24.

Christ Church — Renesha Straughn, 21, and Nicholas Boyce, 21.

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