Rihanna gives back

Patrons in line for the “Unapologetic” listening party.

by Walter Edey

Barbadian singing star Rihanna is “unapologetic” as she contributes to a New York Disaster Relief Fund.

Without question, the ravages of Sandy are appealing to the better qualities in human nature. Each day relief funds are being established across cultures and classes while many continue to receive direct and indirect assistance from their family, friends and co-workers.

Over the past week or so Rihanna Fenty has been featured in the news as one of the contributors.

The Barbadian song bird, who was in New York to promote her latest album Unapologetic, made an appeal to those attending her listening party to make a contribution to the Daily News Sandy relief appeal. Consequently, patrons brought non-perishables in order to gain entry into the party, which was held at the JZ’s 40-40 Club at 25 Street and Times Square.

At 5:30 p.m., there were about 300 patrons outside the club. When some of the patrons were asked to tell why they were Rihanna fans, their responses were unanimous:

“We love her music and she is real. No pretence whatsoever. You know what you are getting.”

On the November 9 issue of the Daily News, Rihanna was featured on the first three pages. The November 13 issue, on page 3, posted the picture of Rihanna that will appear in the November issue of GQ magazine. Part of the caption accompanying the picture stated

“…it’s the Barbadian beauty who deserves kudos for recent benefit concert and donation of sleeping bags to the Daily News hurricane Sandy relief fund.

Every day Barbadians are hearing more stories of how the hurricane has affected the New York Bajan community.

At a book reading event at the Barbados Consulate recently, Consul General at New York, Lennox Price, who lost his car and some personal items when the area of his home was flooded, reported that the Barbados Independence Dance and the pre-Independence dance in New Jersey had both been cancelled.

The events where the events were slated to be held were affected by the hurricane. This is the first time since Independence that a church service will be the main Independence event.

Well known Barbadian DJ, Allywn Cumberbatch, reported serious damage to the roof of his home. Additionally, the company for which he works lost its entire fleet of school buses.

We do not wish for adversity, but one cannot help noticing that it is the difficult times that often brings out the best in us. Thanks Rihanna, you make us proud.


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