In God’s image

I honestly had something else planned to write about today but after the discussion I overheard in a local gas station, I had to deflect.

On entering the gas station two nights ago, I heard three persons in a discussion about women of size. One gentleman made many derogatory comments while the others laughed. The irony of the story is that one of the participants in this discussion was a full figured woman.

How someone could make such degrading comments about another human being is honestly beyond me. At this time our country is facing hard economic times, gas continues to rise, and people are finding it hard to cope, and instead of making that the topic of discussion, people’s weight seems to be more important.

Everyone was made unique in God’s image. I keep reiterating that regardless of how many gyms or weight loss programmes that may be in existence, there will always be people of size. In that case should they be ridiculed and be the subject of many fat jokes? I think not.

Every day in schools, work places or homes people of size are being criticised and called many degrading names. When will this end?

The Miss Big & Beautiful pageant was created as a forum where women of size could embrace who they are and truly begin to love themselves, but still we too get nasty comments being thrown at the delegates on the night of the show and on our motorcade. The amazing thing about it is that many comments you hear are from persons of size or persons who do not possess the courage and commitment it takes to enter such a pageant.

I implore all women of size to never allow anyone to make you feel less than a woman. You are beautiful and unique. No two people were created the same, so embrace your individuality and truly begin to love yourself.

Take time when choosing clothes to wear, as all may not be suitable for your figure. Make visits to the doctor a number one priority as we are at high risk for developing diabetes and hypertension. Never answer to anyone who calls you a name that you were not christened with. Never stay with someone who calls you degrading names because you believe that no one else will love you — there is always someone better for you.

The amazing thing is that those who criticise others do not know the impact that they will have on the other person. You are damaging that person’s self esteem and confidence. I believe that sometimes if we put ourselves in other people’s shoes, many things we would not do.

I implore you today to use your tongue for something positive. Our tongue is very powerful and can inflict pain, joy, disappointment or happiness, depending on what you do with it.

Make today and every day a big and beautiful day, in the way you walk, dress and most of all with your smile. Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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