Driven to help

Sinclair Sinners Edwards made a vast contribution to the communities of St. Peter through transportation.

As the northern communities grew over the years, the former Boscobelle resident recognised the need for transportation in the so in the 1960s he bought and operated a pick-up which always left Bridgetown for Boscobelle “crammed” with passengers, baskets and boxes tied onto the top of the van.

Residents told the story of Edwards driving around in his car E220, to inform and transport passengers from Boscobelle to Speightstown when his van was not working. Over the years he increased and modernised his fleet to the modern day mini-buses which include B8, B45, B47 and B48.

In addition, on Sunday evenings two of these minibuses would take passengers from Boscobelle to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to visit sick relatives or friends. After visiting hours, the vans would be waiting to return these passengers safely to their homes. Residents from Boscobelle and other St. Peter communities depended on his minibuses.

Edwards’ work also impacted on his family.

On his death, two of his sons, Anthony of Eddies Trading and Grantley known as “Tourist”, continued to operate the minibuses. This tradition has been passed down to his grandson David Edwards who owns and operates B119.

Thus it can clearly be seen that Sinclair, who impacted greatly on his family, is truly a shining beacon of St. Peter.

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