Bringing sunshine to St. Peter

Eleazar Greaves resided at Ashton Hall, St. Peter and was previously employed by Henry Gill of Indian Ground. He drove Gill’s pick-up truck named ‘The Lady Lou’. It was from his work and his ever ready smile that earned him the nickname Sunny Lou.

Eleazar “Sunny Lou” Greaves.

Later on, Greaves purchased and operated his own pick-up truck which he named “Why Worry Safety First”.

For many years he operated the Highway 1 route from Mile-And-A-Quarter to Bridgetown and the return journey. Commuters waited patiently and confidently for his pick up truck as Mr. Greaves manner of driving lived up to the motto or name of his pick up truck “Why Worry safety First”.

As the pick up trucks were modernised, Greaves bought and drove the minibus B7. This bus also bore the name “Why Worry Safety First”. As he advanced in age his grandson David took over the day to day operations of the minibus B7. Recently this bus was sold and is still operating the Highway 1 route.

However, the younger Greaves still works in the transportation service as a minibus driver. He enjoys his work and plans to continue working in the service.

In addition, to his work in the area of transportation Eleazar also acquired some land in the Rose Hill, Benn Hill and Ashton Hall areas. With residents being in need of house spots, he rented the land to those persons who were in need for their chattel houses at a minimum cost. Descendants of these renters are still living on these “rented” house spots up to today.

He also owned a few, small chattel houses in the Benn Hill area. These houses were also rented to residents of St. Peter. The building housing the offices of Dr. Cadogan in Church Street, Speightstown, also belongs to Eleazar. His grandchildren are presently responsible for the upkeep of this building.

In those early days, Sunny Lou also contributed to the residents of St. Peter eating a healthy diet. A small butcher shop was built at the side of his residence. From very early on Saturday mornings, the neighbours and other customers from St. Peter and beyond would be at the butcher shop to purchase or trust their meat to cook for Sunday lunch.

Christmas time was a busy time for this small butcher shop, as the carcasses of pork which hung from the ceiling of the shop would quickly disappear from view and became lost in the customers’ bags or baskets, to become part of the Christmas meal.

Eleazar Greaves made an invaluable contribution to the development of St. Peter. He provided the much needed transportation, tenantry land or house spots and housing for the residents of his parish. He also ensured that their diet contained protein for strong muscles and tissue repair.

The impact on his family can be seen through the work of his grandson David who continues in his grandfather’s foot steps. Thank you Eleazar Greaves for the role you played in so many areas in the development of our parish and to your grandson David for the role you continue to play in providing transportation to the residents of St. Peter.

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