What’s in a name?

I am having a serious challenge for quite a while now in knowing the names of our schools and remembering them too. The same goes for our roundabouts. I just don’t know the names of them anymore. I figured I did but I am so lost these days I fear giving anyone foreign directions in case I get them lost too.

I want to start with the primary schools. I am lost when I hear the names called during news broadcast for example during the cricket competitions and earlier this year during inter school sports. Please tell me where is Milton Lynch Primary for example.

I would like to assume the name is taken from a past administrator connected to the school, but which school exactly is it. I was sure of the Gordon Greenidge Primary because at the time it was one that stood out with the bright uniform and the location was easy to pinpoint to anyone getting directions.

Now I live in St. Philip and I am wondering what happened to the St. Martin’s Four Roads Primary. I don’t quite remember the name it has now, but whatever it is I am still confused.

Pine Primary is no longer known by that name, so says my daughter. It is now called Grantley Prescod. You could stick me with a pin until I got the name it was never going to happen. I keep saying the name change is probably a good thing but I still have not gotten past the old names. They were connected somehow with some historic occasion or something worth remembering. There was some significance to the name.

As for the secondary schools, I am just waiting to hear which one is on the renaming board. The Garrison and St. Lucy have been the recent victims of such. It will take a while for them to stick in my brain for sure. I was trying to figure out this team playing basketball while watching the CBC news a few days ago. The reporter too seemed to be doing his best to make the name stick, but all he was doing was making me more inquisitive.

Where they were playing looked like the Garrison hard courts to me and hearing the talk of how the Graydon Sealy having home court advantage and was winning prompted me who exactly it was. I even heard stories of people calling the school and believing they had the wrong number when the person on the other end said Graydon Sealy Secondary. If this trend of renaming continues, St. George, St. James, Christ Church Foundation and The St. Michael School are in serious jeopardy of a change.

I don’t know what to say about the roundabouts besides I need to memorise the names. I still talk about the Bussa and the Life of Barbados roundabouts. Since moving Sir Garry from the first post to Kensington where I felt it should be anyhow, I am back to the Life of Barbados title. Funny thing is, there is no longer the Life of Barbados, as it is now Sagicor Life.

As for the one at Haggatt Hall, no matter what you say to me it will always be the Bussa roundabout. The statute is there and as long as it remains there that is the name. I said earlier that I live in St. Philip, but I am not sure of the name given to the roundabout in Six Roads if there is one.

For me I say save the name changes for newer land marks. There are two new buildings government owned that could carry the name of some significant Barbadian. The Baobab Tower and Warrens Tower II are the two such buildings. It took a while before the conference centre at Two Mile Hill was aptly named after Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford. Both political parties will do as they please and be sure to make their mark with these significant changes, but I don’t mean any disrespect when I say it is confusing my sit down.

I am quite sure my old school will not get a name change due to the fact that it was officially named after someone and that someone was royalty. The older schools will be safe but those just carrying a parish title should enjoy it while it lasts. It is just like when we lost the Roebuck Secondary name to Louis Lynch, which is no longer around. St. Leonard’s Girls is also history and I tend to sympathise with the old scholars of these schools.

I may have gone for naming a block on the school premises after these past educators or something of that sort but a full name change I would have been reluctant to do. Anyhow, I better go do some memorising as I may need the info at some point sooner or later as far as which school is which and which roundabout is which.

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