Syrian gift to QEH

Past President of the Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association, Carol Joseph, presenting Sister Cynthia Gibson with the examination lamps.

Four years after the Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association of Barbados closed its doors, their charity continues.

Yesterday afternoon the association made its final big donation of two exams lamps worth close to $7,000 to the labour ward in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The lamps will be used for examination of patients before and after delivery. For 34 years they contributed to many worthy causes, including: St. Patrick’s Church, St. Vincent de Paul Association, Olga Lopes- Seale Christmas Fund, Living Water Community and last year they donated $5,500 to Rasonté Parsons.

In 2008 because of an ageing membership, with some passing on, and no new blood coming on board they closed the club but that did not stop them from sharing gifts. Past president of the association, Carol Joseph, said two months ago the Lord spoke to her and as a result she contacted the QEH to find out their needs. She further added she was very pleased with their donation, declaring it was the best money they ever donated.

“I’m happy I gave to them, I wish I had more money to give another cheque. We were a charitable club not a social club, we worked and every cent we worked for we gave it to charity … we did well. I like to give to worthy causes … we just have little left so we would be giving out piece by piece at Christmas then the money done so this is the last going down… I’m so glad I thought of you all,” she told the representatives from the hospital.

With about 3,000 babies born in the hospital annually Director of Engineering Services, Paula Agbowu, was very appreciative of the donation.

She noted that there was also need for more new and updated equipment in the Labour Department and encouraged other charities to donate to the cause.

“This donation comes at a time when we are in dire need of pieces of equipment … required for the labour department. With the Labour Department we have a lot of expectant mothers and this donation comes at a time when we are retrofitting many of the pieces within that department. In addition, to these two that have been donated, we are trying to get another two lamps for that department. We have also recently received a number of fetal monitors for that same department and we are trying to get all the bits and pieces they require at this time,” she said. (KC)

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