Repaying the party

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart (left) Minister of Health Donville Inniss with candidate Senator Harry Husbands.

The ruling Democratic Labour Party is promising it will take over the St. James North seat, held by the Barbados Labour Party for five straight terms, whenever elections are called.

The assurance came from the party’s candidate, Senator Harry Husbands, when he recently participated in the official opening of the DLP’s branch office in Rock Dundo, St. James.

Husbands told his audience he was determine to do this in order to repay the party, and late Prime Minister David Thompson, who placed confidence in him soon after he became unemployed.

“All the work that is necessary to return the seat to the DLP is being done. I am confident that with our team, when the bell is rung and the final vote is counted, the DLP will hold the seat in St. James North,” he added.

He recalled how one Friday evening as he was driving through Warrens in St. Michael he received a phone call from Thompson inviting him to a meeting at Ilaro Court the following day; and by the time that meeting was concluded he had been made a senator and offered a job as Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office.

“On that day I determined that in order to repay the trust placed in me by the Prime Minister and this party, I was going to do all I could to ensure that we have another term in this office.

“What is interesting is that he did not have to woo me. All the gain was to me. He was taking a risk on me, after all I was fired from the job I had in a very public way…,” Husbands added.

“I also want to pay tribute to the current Prime Minister, who carried on and placed that same confidence in me… And I am promising that I will work every day to deliver St. James North to the DLP…”

A fiery Husbands then mounted a strong defence against criticism of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, before turning his attention to branch activities, stating:

“Despite whatever you may have read, despite whatever happened in the past, we have put all of that behind us in St. James North. We have elected a new branch executive, virtually all of our house-to-house campaigning is finished. We have reached the point of establishing the branch office.

“We have one or two little communities to visit … so as far as we are concerned whoever did not like my nomination, who didn’t like this, who did not like that, it is all in the past. We have turned over a new leaf and we’re working…

“But we have a difficult struggle, and not because of the Opposition, but because of the conditions we have found existing in St. James North, and particularly along the West Coast,” Husbands added. (RRM)

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