Cleaning up Barbados

November 10 was a success for the Girl Guides Association of Barbados and the Brownies, Girl Guides, Ranger Guides and leaders who geared up in activity wear and gloves and joined in the Ministry of Family and Youth’s Youth Independence Clean-up 2012.

The project was one of several initiatives emanating from ministry discussions and consultations with governmental and non-governmental organisations. The Youth Independence Clean-up attracted some 60 youth, community, service and religious organisations across Barbados, and our Girl Guides Association participated in the Eastern, Southern and Central Zones of the project.

Kudos to the Blossoms, Brownies, Guides, Rangers and leaders who were up and on location at the crack of dawn, armed and ready to remove the litter from their identified locations.

The Christ Church Girls’ Brownie Units and two Blossoms with their leaders enjoyed a brisk early morning walk from their school to their Oistins Bus Terminal work site. The excited faces were enough to energise the leaders who had to keep pace with the 55 girls who were eager and ready to clean their location.

The girls cleaned the Oistins Bus Terminal, the area where the District Hospital was located and along the beach side behind the former offices of the Welfare Department and the temporary location of the Oistins Post Office. The girls were later joined by a team of Barbados Youth Service trainees who willingly worked with subgroups, cleaning through the car park of the polyclinic, library and entry to the Police Station and Oistins Court. The BYS trainees then went on to join their colleagues who were working the eastern area.

The Eastern Girl Guide teams of Brownies, Guides, Rangers and leaders worked their way through Skeete’s Bay clearing litter, seaweed and other discarded items. The early morning coolness was slowly replaced by the heat of the rising sun but the 25-member team continued their task until the entire area was spotless. Then it was time for some fun and relaxation before they returned home.

On the Central front, the Bay Primary Brownie Units descended on Pebbles Beach to ensure a litter free environment would be found by all those who came to visit later in the day. The girls and friends with their leaders cleaned the beach and land areas.

At the Pax Hill co-ordinating centre, girls worked the Martindale’s Road to Belmont Road areas as well as took the opportunity to do some “home” duties at their Belmont Road Headquarters. The strong Brownie contingent also included two Blossoms and a young Scout Chum (Cub Scout recruit). There was much fun while working and the girls learnt quite a bit in the process including saving saplings for replanting, separating recyclable materials from garbage and preparing grassed areas for camp fires (lifting and repairing turf).

Special thanks to the leaders, parents, Blossoms, Brownies, Guides, Rangers and Recruits who willingly came out to participate in the Ministry of Youth’s national programme.

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