We’ve come a long way

School children in their panama hats, hawkers with trays on their heads and workers after a long day just wanting you to make room.

Images like this choke us with nostalgia at how simple life used to be.

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  1. Eve Straughan November 13, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    I remember these buses, but I had used them for just a brief moment before they became extinct. People would rush and push in order to board the bus and get a seat. Sometimes they were packed to capacity, but everyone hold in as squeezed us as you were.

    Those were the fun days, where everybody looked out for their neighbours, and no one would make a fuss when they feet were mashed or was being elbowed. Sometimes I wish that things were as they were back then. as they saying goes,”it takes a community to raise a child or children”


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