Top cop tours New Orleans

This old lady was cleaning her premises when the Commissioner asked after her welfare.

Doors were thrown open and windows hung wide as the residents of New Orleans came out or peeked out onto the streets today to observe the presence of the island’s top cop in their neighbourhood.

Commissioner Darwin Dottin today ventured into the district to chat with residents about recent events that have resulted in the shooting and injury of a number of people from the district.

The police boss said they were also looking at locations where they could possibly site a mobile police station from as early as tomorrow.

This graffiti made the officers pause for a moment.

The post, he said, “will serve as a launching pad for interaction with residents in the area and if residents want to interact with us to make reports or whatever they can go right to that facility rather than go into Bridgetown”.

The commissioner was accompanied on the visit by Assistant Commissioner Oral Williams, Acting Assistant Commissioner Mark Thompson and Acting Assistant Commissioner Erwin Boyce.

While some residents came willingly to speak with the commissioner and his team, several others, who came out to watch his progress through the area, made a hasty retreat once approached.

Dottin said that the community officers patrolling the area were seeing some success in getting through to those at the source of the disturbances. But he noted that research had shown neighbourhood watches were not effective in neighbourhoods like this.

“We have community officers who work the area. It is difficult to get watches in communities like these. All the evidence shows that community watches don’t work in areas like this, but we have to continue to work with residents in other areas, other forms of interventions to meet the desired outcomes that we wish,” he said during a stop in 7th Avenue. (LB)



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