Richard Sealy


That’s how Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, has described the Barbados Labour Party.

Sealy said that’s how the now Opposition party managed the country when it was in office between 1994 and 2008 and that’s how it would be if elected to govern again.

He was speaking last evening when the St. Peter branch of the ruling Democratic Labour Party met at the Alexandra School.

“The Barbados Labour Party, if you look at their recent past, the last time they were in office, the 14 years you would see that was there was wastage, there was reckless borrowing and there was reckless spending; that is in the past,” the St. Michael South Central MP said.

“What is occurring now in the present? The recklessness continues with some reckless utterances so if you look at the past and you look at the present you have an eloquent case going forward to the future what to do, reject the Barbados Labour Party, it is as simple as that.

“They are on a … naked power grab, anyone can see that and I think we need to once and for all put them in their place,” he added.

Sealy told those attending the meeting that while they, like him, were “DLP supporters for life and we will support the Democratic Labour Party” they was a majority of the population with no political allegiance but “feel strongly about Barbados, they are patriots, they love this little rock and they recognise it’s some place special”.

He was confident the DLP could “make an excellent and eloquent case to that majority that they should definitely stick with this Government and reject what is on offer”.

The minister credited his party with having a “glorious history” focussed on the island’s social development and transforming it into “a developed nation”.

“We have a glorious past, one where we put Barbados first, ahead of party, the too many and not the too few. Once again we have in fact put Barbados first,” he stated.

“These are difficult times and we have been responsible and prudent in how we manage the affairs of this country and again it demonstrates our instinctive modus operandi where we think that even in difficult times we have to be prudent in how we deploy resources.” (SC)

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